Dear friends of Empower Uganda.

Allow me to extend my sincere thanks you on behalf of the Empower Uganda charity fraternity. We are so blessed by your support in kind.

It’s now two years since we started providing education to vulnerable children in rural areas of Uganda. Now we are thankful to God for enabling us enter 2018, which is now going to make our 3rd year impacting the lives of children.

We have seen the lives of children getting positively impacted or changed as you can follow on this website. Bad stories of children are changing to amazing stories through this charity school. Hope is being restored to those who were hopeless and many more positive changes are happening.

So, individuals, NGOs, local government, Civil servants from central government, Police (especially the child protection department), human rights department, NAADs and Operation Wealth Creation humbly thank you for standing with us. Without you, all you see on the ground via this website would not have been done.

A lot is needed as we aim at preparing the children to have bright future. There are many needs, but transport is currently our greatest challenge as we run this ministry. This year, Empower Uganda hopes to purchase this Super custom vehicle which costs US$7428.57 (26 million Ugandan shillings)

As we are in a rural area where roads are not good at all, this 4WD will help us:

  • Transport sick children from school to hospital, which is 45km from the school.
  • Transport children for educational trips and tours.
  • Transport workers, volunteers, visitors from rural to urban and from urban to rural or anywhere.
  • Pick up school supplies and other organizational requirements.

The above one time amount of US$7428.57 is needed for this vehicle. The school funds will cater for the running costs of the vehicle.

Make it a point this year by donating towards buying Empower Uganda car via (using PayPal).
When making your donation, give the reason “E.U. car”.
Those who may want to donate direct to the organisation’s bank account, please contact us.
Make a difference this year in the lives of Ugandan children.

NB: We do not use Western Union.

“One by one makes a bundle.” Every penny donated will get us closer to our target.


Robert Bogere, Director