Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy, despite the challenges it is facing. Uganda’s agriculture is mainly dependent on rain, which has made agriculture difficult as the country experiences long dry periods.
Here we have engaged people to start irrigation rather than just waiting for rains, yet long drought spells are occurring most of the time. We have advised them to harvest water runoff when it rains, which can then be used during drought seasons.
We have also advised the local farmers to rear animals alongside crop cultivation, and some families’ livelihoods are improving as a result.
With God’s help, we hope to drill a borehole, which will provide a year-round water source. This can help in getting water for irrigation and domestic use, which can improve on both crop cultivation and animal rearing.
We also seek to provide people with good improved seeds and good animal breeds which have good records so that we are able to get rid of poor breeds which bring in less income.
We plan to put in a demonstration garden for the community to provide an environment for training the villagers on how to practise good methods of farming.

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