We started Empower Uganda Community Nursery and Primary School for vulnerable children to help them access their right to education. So far we have 150 children comprising 100 girls and 50 boys. We have 5 teachers and 3 support staff. We have constructed 2 classroom blocks that accommodate six classes from Pre-Primary to Primary 6. Children at the school learn reading and writing, mathematics and basic numeracy, science, English, social studies, religious education, and vocational skills. They also take part in sports activities.


Empower Uganda promotes good health practices in our community through HIV testing and guidance, immunization of children, guidance and counseling of children, de-worming, and promotion of good health practices among the homes in the community.


Empower Uganda has been a voice for the voiceless in the community by promoting their rights. It has collaborated with law acting bodies to fight drug abuse among the youths, early child marriages, and domestic violence.


Empower Uganda has implemented income generating programs in an effort to alleviate extreme poverty and hunger among the community. It has also established self-help groups focused on projects which earn them an extra income. So far Empower Uganda has two women’s groups and three men’s groups. These groups have so far bought chickens for their poultry project and piglets for their piggery project.


Empower Uganda provides capacity training to the people in the community. It started up an adult education program for adults who cannot read and write. So far the school has 16 adults enrolled for the classes. It has also partnered with several bodies like banks in order to train people in budgeting and saving.


Empower Uganda is working to establish rainwater tanks to enable water harvesting during the wet season. The organization is also trying to secure funding for the drilling of bore holes. Having safe alternative sources of water would help prevent water-borne diseases and also enable crops to survive during long periods of drought.