Empower Uganda

Empower Uganda is a registered (CD 562) non-profit Community-Based Organization (C.B.O.) which aims to improve the lives and futures of people living in an impoverished rural area of Uganda. There are several ways in which Empower Uganda works to do this:

  1. Education, particularly ensuring girls have access to education
  2. Agriculture
  3. Water harvesting program through provision of water tanks and boreholes

Empower Uganda comes to offer a hand of compassion with the help of God’s grace. It aims to present Christ through sustainable and realistic actions of mercy to those suffering from poverty, illiteracy, hunger, homelessness, rejection, and all forms of injustice.

The Empower Uganda office is situated in Mijjunwa village, Bigasa sub-county, Bukomansimbi district in central region of Uganda.

To nurture lives for the long term by showing God’s unconditional love in practical ways to those in need.

Communities free from poverty through the provision of education, practical training, and health intervention projects.

Objectives of Empower Uganda


To advocate and promote practical and vocational skills, literacy, and education in the community


To promote health and hygiene among the people through community education


To advocate for vulnerable and disadvantaged people through partnerships with the local community and local government agencies

Social Development

To enhance social and economic development around the communities of operation


To co-operate with other charities, voluntary bodies, and statutory authorities operating in furtherance of the objectives or similar charitable purposes, and to exchange information and advice with them


To initiate and organize seminars, conferences and other objectives which can be carried out to promote health, education and literacy

Legal Operation

To continue operating under licence obtained from the legal authorities, provisional order, permission, consent or otherwise for the operation of Empower Uganda


To initiate, organize and carry on activities aimed at the alleviation of poverty within its area of operation such as provision of better education, housing and health facilities, training programs, and the generation of capital resources;

HIV/AIDS Education

To sensitize the communities of people about the causes and the effects of HIV/AIDS and to provide counseling, financial and material support to the infected and affected people

Unite Communities

To unite or bring together the local communities under the same umbrella body for the purpose of solving their problems and voicing their concerns to relevant authorities on matters related to their business


To promote peaceful co-existence, and unity within members of the community in the organization’s areas of operation.

Who We Are

Robert Bogere, Director

Robert was born in 1988 in the southwestern region of Uganda. His parents had fled to Uganda from Rwanda due to the land shortage, famine and insecurity that were caused by war during the Rwanda genocide, and settled in the district now known as Bukomansimbi district. Robert grew up in Mijjunwa village, which is where the Empower Uganda office is currently situated.

Currently Empower Uganda school has five teachers, including one who teaches the children the local language, and two long-term workers, Margaret and Tom, who are paid a small fee.

There are three non-teaching staff: a doctor who comes to check the children’s health, a Bible teacher, and a female mentor for the girls.

Empower Uganda school hopes to employ ten fully qualified teachers and other support staff.