Mijjunwa Village

Empower Uganda was established to help the community of Mijjunwa village and the surrounding communities within Bukomansimbi district. The village is located in Bigasa sub-county, Bukomansimbi district in central Uganda, around 35km from the larger regional town of Masaka.

Mijjunwa community has a population of 2535 people. Children under the age of 18 make up 70% of the population, and around 30% of the children are impoverished.


People in Mijjunwa Community




Adults aged 18-60


Adults aged 60-75


Elderly aged 75 - 85+


Orphaned Children aged 0-17


Impoverished Children


Adults with HIV/AIDS

Issues Facing our Community

The village and the surrounding communities have several challenges that have put people’s lives at risk.

High Birth Rate

The area has a very high birth rate, which has affected people’s incomes and women’s health. People need to be sensitized about family planning in order to maintain sustainable population growth. There has also been a high rate of early marriages as well as sexual networks, which have contributed to high birth rate and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Lack of Medical Care

There is a need for health facilities such as clinics to treat common treatable diseases such malaria, dysentery, and cholera, and offer deworming, vaccination, first aid, and family planning advice.

Low Literacy Levels

Until Empower Uganda School opened in 2016, there was no local school, and children could not manage to travel long distances for school. Those who tried to travel to distant schools did so at a late age, and most ended up dropping out of school.

Youth Unemployment

Most of the youth from 17-25 years of age have had no education, so there is a need to provide training in vocational skills in order to decrease unemployment and lack of direction.

Lack of Safe Water Source

Water shortages have become a very big challenge due to drought and the lack of a clean, fresh water source in the local area. Empower Uganda and other stakeholders are acting to set up community bore holes and water tanks in order to reduce the high level of water-borne diseases which have resulted in unnecessary deaths.

Long Drought Spells

Drought has also contributed to poor crop production since the crops are entirely dependent on rainfall. Empower Uganda is working towards the introduction of irrigation farming to help solve the water problem.

Where our village is