Women’s Empowerment Programs

We seek to empower women through community sensitization about how to improve their livelihood.

We have organized seminars where volunteers from different fields have come and taught community members how to break out of poverty.

At the first meeting, both men and women came to the open seminar. The larger percentage were women, since in most families here women take on leadership roles. We challenged them to utilize the available resources to start small micro credits. The women started this and it is progressing well. They keep saving small amounts of money, which helps them to purchase new supplies and to take out small loans at a very low interest rate.

The attendees were taught to run a piggery project, and the ladies’ group now has two pigs which they expect to produce more. Then each woman will be able to get a piglet, thus expanding their project.

We have invited several other women to come and speak to the village women about good parenting and how to work for their children.

As more resources become available, we hope to support new activities in addition to the existing ones. For example, we could buy sewing machines for the women to learn how to make clothes, invest in more modern agricultural equipment, and purchase supplies and tools for handcrafts.

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